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Trensums Food AB offers brand owners and food retailers an opportunity to go to market with their liquid food products without investing in their own facilities. Our services to clients comprises processing and packaging of tasty, nutritional and attractive foodstuff. Our customers have the opportunity to also hand over recipe and packaging development tasks to our skilled R&D project group.

Trensums Food AB was established 1948 as a cider house and apple juice producer. Through the years the company has developed to a qualified and knowledgeable food producer with flexible operations and wide product range. Trensums Food employs 180 people and is located in Tingsryd, Småland in the south east of Sweden.



Food safety
A major concern for consumers and retailers is food safety. Trensums Food is Grade A BRC Global Standards certified. This means that we adhere to the strictest standards regarding quality, hygiene, recipe ingredients, safety and operational criteria. Each year 100,000 product samples are successfully analyzed and documented. That is why top food brands choose Trensums Food as a partner. They know that we over deliver on food safety and we can guarantee that the reputation of their brand, and their product, is safe with us. Trensums Food quality and safety procedures are among the most regulated and controlled in the area of liquid and semi liquid food products. Our teams are in the forefront of advocating for increased global food production regulation and we actively support scientific advancement in food processing and production. In the end, it is the safety and health of the consumer that Trensums Food, and the reputable brands that we work with, care about.


Every day, more and more people become aware of the effect that waste, in all its forms, has on our planet. Trensums Food is actively involved in the global movement to reduce food and packaging waste and introduce environmentally friendly packaging to every market. Our customers place high demands that the products and packaging they provide to consumers is both safe and sustainable. Trensums Food has extensive experience and knowledge of how to produce and distribute food products and packaging that is beneficial to consumers and the planet. We share this knowledge freely with potential customers and guide them in setting up sustainable processes that effectively work to minimize energy usage, gas emissions and waste product. Present customers have chosen to work with Trensums Food because we can always match their corporate sustainability policy. We are certified by relevant international standards organizations and we are proud of our dedication to food and food packaging quality and sustainability.


Clean label
The trend towards fewer ingredients in processed food products is growing and Trensums Food has impressive ambitions in that area. We give our full support to customers in their endeavors to remove ingredients from their liquid food products that are not completely necessary and that consumers do not want. Consumers of packaged food products have become more aware of certain ingredients and their effects on health and the environment. Trensums Food can see that brands that are responsive to trends such as clean label will be the ones that will keep their position in the competitive business of packaged food manufacture. Trensums Food has the knowledge and experience to help you produce top quality clean label liquid and semi liquid products that will win gain consumers’ appreciation and loyalty. In a perfect world, everything is clean label. That is our ambition.


Trensums Food produced organic liquid and semi liquid foods long before it became a consumer trend. When organic became the new quality we were there with the knowledge and processes to provide our customers with 100% organic ingredients from source to ready product. We expand the definition of organic foods to include sustainable manufacture of the packaging it comes in. Trensums Food carries out rigorous inspections of the processes of all our suppliers to ensure that they comply with every international standard required of a supplier of organic food products. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to produce 100% organic products for our customers. Organic is becoming a standard and Trensums Food is very proud to be playing an active role in that development.


The food supply chain today is truly a maze that is global, dynamic and complex in nature. That is why traceability has become crucial for food manufacturers, retailers and consumers. We want to know where everything comes from and how it got here. In cooperation with our customers Trensums Food designs optimal traceability programs to secure best possible reliability and food safety for their resellers and end consumers. These programs can differ substantially because of varying conditions imposed on acquisition and supply chains of raw materials. Traceability reports and other data are often required by government agencies in order to be allowed to enter a specific market with your product. We see traceability is a very important focus area for the entire food industry. Agriculture, processing, storage and retail. It matters to public health and security. It matters to the millions of people employed in the food industry. Traceability matters.


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Trensums are represented within a small number of product segments but the core focus is Oat Drinks where Trensums has a long track record and a world leading position


Trensums Processing AB
Daughter company Trensums Processing AB is a specialized operation within the area of Liquid food and Pharma.


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